Accoya The only real sustainable wood

Accoya® wood ( is produced using Accsys’ proprietary patented acetylation technology, that effectively converts sustainably grown softwoods into “high technology wood”. Distinguished by its durability, dimensional stability and, perhaps most importantly of all, its reliability (in terms of consistency of both supply and quality), Accoya® wood is particularly suited to exterior applications where performance and appearance are valued.

Wood Acetylation is a process which increases the amount of ‘acetyl’ molecules in wood, thereby changing its physical properties. When carried out to a sufficient level throughout the wood, this process protects wood from rot by making it “inedible” to most micro-organisms and fungi, without – unlike conventional treatments – making it toxic. It also greatly reduces the wood’s tendency to swell and shrink, making it less prone to cracking and ensuring that, when painted, it requires dramatically reduced maintenance.
Accoya wood is a commercial, patented acetylated wood.
Accoya is Cradle to Cradle Gold certified.
Acctable has adapted Accoya® for their (outdoor) furniture designs.